Business Partners

Spread awareness of the great service we can offer your customers. If you are often asked to help your client by booking a ride for them then why not earn while you are helping them out. We offer referral partners bonuses for each ride you book through us. The more trips you book the more you will earn, just our way of saying thanks. Best of all your customers get priority and our awesome London Carriages experience. So as well as helping them you are helping yourself – we all win.

Our referral partner app lets you book trips with just a few clicks. You can see all the bonuses you earn on the app and receive payments directly into your nominated bank account. It’s so easy you’ll love it.


Maybe you’re a porter, a concierge, a manager or work on reception, no matter what you do if you are asked from time to time to arrange transport for your guests why not benefit too. Become a London Carriages referral partner and join the

    fastest growing referral program.

Each trip you arrange for a guest through us earns you a thank you bonus, our referrer ambassadors are often surprised how quickly bonuses can mount up into a nice big thank you.

Use the form above and request to be a partner and we will send you information on how it works, what you can earn and other important information you need so you can decide if our scheme is right for you. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


For large groups our affordable rides help your group focus on important meetings and events — not coordinating transportation.

Dan, Stormbreaker Brewing

“Partnering with London Carriages has been a great decision for me. I work as a porter and the London Carriages referral scheme, helped with the deposit on my flat.”

Dave Kenny,

Hannah, Terp Thon

“I work front of house for a restaurant so, helping our customers get home safely is really important to me. The fact that I get a nice thank you for doing so helps me feel appreciated.”

Lucy Hoi,

Angela, Savor Seattle

“I work on the door at a night club, using London Carriages works well, the drivers know how to deal with our clientele and the bonus payouts come in handy too, happy days.”


Natasha, The International Beauty Show

“Working at a conference centre I am often asked to recommend a private hire firm, this really works. London Carriages referral scheme has paid for my holidays this year.”

Karren Buhandi,

Josh, The Nashville Guru

“I work at the front desk at a busy hotel and i’m always asked for taxis from our customers, London Carriages have the best referral programs it really pays.”

James Holland,

Top Golf

“I feel great knowing my customers can get home safely after drinking and I get my thank you bonuses from London Carriages too, which I can tell you comes in really handy most months.”

Tom Goodridge,