Save money and time with our business account service

Free Company Account

Create a company account and manage the travel needs of your employees

Flexible Expensing & Billing

Manage ride and expense permissions for individual team members. Set up direct billing to streamline expensing to one account


Get an overview or drill down to the detail of who is using what and where. Export ride details for better control of spending.

Flexible, safe and reliable rides for your employees and customers

Simple Business Ride Expensing

With London Carriages ride receipts are easily managed and sent to your inbox.

Ride Options for All Occasions

London Carriages can offer a range of transportation. Impress clients with our Lux service. For large groups and company events, we have it covered with a multitude of vehicles to do the job in style.

Reliability Planning and scheduling is simple

You have to be organised your business and clients depend on it, London Carriages gives you the tools to make it easy with our ride scheduler, rides can be scheduled ahead of time to avoid stress and hassle.

Why London Carriages


Whilst London Carriages have invested many thousands in new technology systems and processes to enable us to provide an outstanding ride experience, we know that when it comes down to it it’s the relationship and experience with our drivers that will speak volumes about the company you are dealing with. We work tirelessly to get this right, with advanced and thorough vetting, screening and checking of each driver and making sure they buy into what we are trying to do in providing an awesome experience for your clients.

Technology & Systems

We have invested heavily in front and back-end technology whether it be in our driver and customer Apps, or in our back-end systems that allow a seamless relationship with clients so they can see what they are paying for and what has been spent when, how and why. Full receipt and invoice management systems allow you to keep on top of your transportation costs easily and simply.